About us

The shop opened in 1985, hidden in one of the small side streets of the main shopping street in Roeselare. The store was only 25 square metres small. We started selling mens clothing with a BCBG look for a younger range of people. The decision not to sell the more common brands was a bold but smart move.

After a few years, we decided to move to a more spacious location with ample parking space and more windows to promote our brands. This helped to enlarge the range of customers. It took only a decade to move the shop, together with its clients to what is now the current location of business, in the main shopping street of Roeselare.

We offer the possibility to make a personal appointment on any thursday-evening, starting from 20h. The perfect solution when you are unable to visit our store during opening hours.

Making a personal appointment is possible by calling +3251 204 392.

Het Grijspeerd - Fashion For Men